Empowering Gamers

RANSOR® is the first and only computer hardware company based in Bahrain. We have over 20 years of experience in IT and gaming hardware, and we know what gamers need and want.

We design and build our own gaming systems using our high-quality, certified RANSOR® products. From gaming computers, chairs, and desks to memory, SSDs, fans, and coolers, we’ve got you covered!

We aim to constantly improve our products and become the region’s gaming hardware destination of choice. We endeavor to offer our users the lowest possible prices, the best available gaming products, and the greatest convenience.

What We Do

RANSOR offers an extensive variety of components and accessories for your gaming PC needs.
Our gaming products include:

  • PC Gaming Systems
  • High-Quality Gaming Chairs
  • Gaming Desks

  • Memory & SSDs (ranging from gaming RAM to standard 2.5” SSDs & high-end NVME drives)
  • Mouse Pads (called Moozepads, ranging from standard size to XL)
  • 80 Plus Certified Power Supplies (ranging from 500W to 1200W)
  • Quiet Fans & Powerful CPU Coolers
  • Monitor Arms
  • Various types of cables including HDMI, CAT8 and others.

  • SSD Enclosures with fast transfer speeds

Our Mission

Our mission is Empowering Gamers with the best gaming technology and systems that match their needs and preferences. We deliver outstanding quality and excellent after-sales service and support.

Why Choose Us


With budget prices but better-than-budget build quality and features, our gaming products are popular among young gamers and IT aficionados.

Innovation & Performance

We custom build some of the fastest gaming computers in the market. We are continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation and performance so that our customers enjoy an unsurpassed gaming experience.

JEDEC Registered

As a registered JEDEC company, we are officially licensed to produce Memory and Solid State products. All our computer Memory products are manufactured in the USA.

Value for Money

We combine functionality with affordability and only use the best components. Rest assured that your custom gaming PC build will be assembled by the hands of our skilled gaming professionals.

Our Core Values

Customer Oriented

At RANSOR, we place our customer’s interests ahead of our own. We step in our client’s shoes when making decisions and emphasize on developing lasting customer relations instead of just selling products.


We do what we say we’ll do and treat people the way we wish to be treated. We establish trust by acting uprightly. We communicate honestly, cooperatively, maturely, and frequently. We believe our success lies in the fulfillment of our customers.


We stand behind the quality of our products. We commit to our consumer’s satisfaction and strive to surpass their expectations. We want our users to accomplish their gaming goals and earn the right to do business with them by producing value and providing results.